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“Redeeming Love” an overlong cross between Christian film, soft romance and exploitation film | Way of life

“Redeeming Love” is a cross between a Christian film, a soft romance and a demented exploitation film. It might sound like an intriguing combination, but the genres don’t go well together and make for an entertaining castaway. In addition to my many complaints about this movie, it’s worth remembering that it’s a poorly paced slog […]

Football movie lands first Christmas release date for Christian film

A film based on the life of famous footballer Kurt Warner hits theaters on December 25. For the first time ever, a Christian film opens at the Christmas box office. American Underdog opens December 25 everywhere, including Canada. “I’m where I am because I believed and never gave up… and that’s the message of the […]

Jamaican pastor from central Florida appears in new Christian film to be released in US

Jamaican pastor Rosemarie Roth appears in the Christian film “The Youngest Evangelist”. The film is based on a true story about John King, a 10 year old African American boy who preaches to his classmates in elementary school in 1980 about the salvation and love of Jesus. The film follows John as he faces many […]

Dennis Quaid stars in Christian movie I can only imagine

Even if you are not a Christian, there is a good chance that you are familiar with MercyMe’s song “I Can Only Imagine”. “I Can Only Imagine” has been featured on the Christian, Mainstream, and Country charts and has over a million downloads. It is probably the most popular Christian song of all time. But, […]

Christian film “Courageous” to be reissued in 2021

Through Jeannie Ortega Law, Christian Post reporter | Wednesday, October 28, 2020 Alex Kendrick, co-writer of the upcoming ‘Courageous’ film, talks about the film while his brother and co-writer Stephen Kendrick stands behind him during the announcement service on Sunday November 15, 2009 in Albany, Ga. | (Photo: Christian Post) Award-winning filmmakers Alex and Stephen […]

The Healing Garden is a very, very Christian movie (for better or for worse)

Kyriana Kratter and Danny Michael Mann in The Healing Garden. Photo from the movie trailer. I can’t tell you when you can see The healing garden. I understand the manufacturers are looking for a distributor now. But hopefully there will be one, because there is definitely an audience for a movie like this. It’s such […]

Here’s the first trailer for ‘Faith Based’ – The Christian Movie Satire You Knew Was Coming To Happen

Two adorable losers hatch a plan to make quick money for the faithful when they realize that in order to be successful in a Christian film, you don’t have to be a true Christian or a filmmaker. This is the configuration for Based on faith, starring Luke Barnett, Tanner Thomason, Margaret Cho, David Koechner, Lance […]

First fan-owned Christian film studio launched by religious filmmakers

This is the first time Christian fans will be able to help create faith-based family films. To spread the love of Christ, Called Higher Studios was formed as the very first fan-owned faith-based film studio, reports the Christian Post. Christian film executives Jason Brown and Ash Greyson chose to launch the new studio in Franklin, […]

Watch Christian Film Industry Creators Send ‘Faith-Based’ Comments Read Nasty Comments

In the spring of 2019, The Hollywood Reporter written about a new film that will satirize the Christian film industry by focusing on “two dumb friends who realize that all religious movies bring in ‘buckets of money’ and then set about making such a movie.” Almost immediately, the mere mention of the concept drew the […]

Watch the Creators of the Christian Film Industry Send “Based on Faith” Read the Nasty Comments

Back in spring 2019, Hollywood journalist wrote about a new film that will satirize the Christian film industry by focusing on “two dumb friends who realize that all denominational films make ‘buckets of money’ and then get on with doing one of those movies. ” Almost immediately, the mere mention of the concept angered Fox […]

Gary Gentry of Kentucky behind the promotion of new Christian film, “Unplanned”, now in theaters

By Tom StultzKentucky today GREENVILLE, SC (KT) – Kentuckian Gary Gentry is passionate about his vital role in promoting the new Christian film, “Unplanned,” which opened in more than 1,000 theaters on March 29. He is passionate because he believes in the message of the film and because it is so close to his own […]

The best Christian film ever made doesn’t come from the Christian entertainment industry

What if I told you the greatest Christian movie ever made wasn’t The passion of Christ? What if I told you that it was not produced by the Christian entertainment industry? What if I told you that those involved don’t want anything to do with being labeled “Christians”? The movie I’m talking about is Terrence […]

The Christian filmmaker defends the use of swear words in his new religious film

October 13, 2017 | 6:54 p.m. A scene from the new Christian film Generational Sins A Christian movie that includes swearing in the script is bound to be uncomfortable with the faithful, but it’s not exactly won over by non-believers either. “Generational Sins” drops F-bombs as it dabbles in realistic storytelling instead of the more […]

YouTube Blocked Trailer For Christian Movie “I’m Not Ashamed” For Months, Movie Executives Says

The producers of the Christian film “I’m Not Ashamed” were embroiled in a battle with YouTube after the video-sharing site removed the trailer for their film without any explanation. The video site has since reinstated the trailer, but those closest to the film say months away from the video-sharing site have hurt the film’s publicity. […]

“Nowhere near a Christian film”, not enough Gospel

Left Behind has been added to the growing list of Christian Hollywood films.Facebook Reviews of the apocalyptic rapture starring Nicolas Cage swept the online world shortly after its release. It is worth mentioning that although 70 percent of the 10,000 people who saw the film on the big screen thought “Left Behind” was a good […]

Hollywood in Alabama? Recent films could kickstart the Christian film industry in Birmingham

Jon Erwin, standing by the table on the left, his brother Andy Erwin and actors Chris Sligh and James Austin Johnson, on the right, met fans of “October Baby” at the Lifeway Christian Store as the film was released on DVD on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. (Photo by Hal Yeager / The Birmingham News) BIRMINGHAM […]

Christian films in Birmingham, producers lured by state tax incentive

AJ Michalka, left, and James Denton, star of ‘Grace Unplugged’, a movie set in Birmingham. (Photo courtesy of “Grace Unplugged.”) BIRMINGHAM – AJ Michalka, star of the Christian-themed film “Grace Unplugged” which has been filming in Birmingham since mid-August, began her singing career in church. She plays the character of Grace Trey, a teenage church […]

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