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COMMENT: Christian Education Offered in Lincoln County | News

During the most formative years of life, a student will spend over 12,000 hours in the classroom before graduating from high school. This period has a profound impact on academic performance, character formation, social-emotional learning, and spiritual well-being. Lincoln County is very fortunate to have educational solutions in three strong school systems, including a vibrant […]

Editorial: The Value of a Christian Education

My wife is a graduate of Pepperdine University and I am a graduate of Southwestern Christian College. Four of our five children attended colleges associated with the Churches of Christ – Harding and Oklahoma Christian. Were there higher education institutions closer and cheaper? Yes. Could we have been educated at a local community college or […]

Director of Christian Education – Episcopal News Service

Type of employment: Fulltime Advantages: Employee Only (Full Medical and Dental), 403b Retirement with 4% match and additional 5% if full 4% contributed. Compensation: $50,000/year with 11 paid holidays and 2 weeks vacation. Purpose of this position Facilitate parish educational programming across ages and needs, support the rector in teaching work, unite the community of […]

Crossings School values ​​its commitment to Christian education

Crossings Christian School has partnered with parents and the church in developing Christ-centered servant leaders since the year 2000. With a starting preschool class of just 39 students, CCS has since grown into a fully enrolled kindergarten through grade 12 college preparatory school of nearly 1,200 students. Sitting on more than 30 acres, the $60 […]

How the GOP Fight For School Choice Strangled Christian Education

Often the arrival of a charter sounds the death knell for a Christian school. And charter schools are legally prohibited from teaching any religion except secularism and social justice. Watch the video of my monologue, followed by an interview with Mark Hemingway, of Real Clear Politics and The Federalist, on the dangers and future of […]

Symposium Explores Intersection of Residential Schools and Theological / Christian Education – ELCA Grand Canyon Synod

Theme “On Our Path to Truth and Healing” for the Theological Symposium Vine Deloria Jr. 2021 It was US federal policy for nearly 100 years to enforce family separation by stealing Indigenous children and taking them to off-reserve Indian residential schools in an effort to eliminate identity through forced assimilation. Most of these schools were […]

Opinion – More towards a holistic and liberating approach to Christian education

Christian education is the people of God working to reach the gospel (ie “disciples of all nations” Matthew 25: 18-20) and to nourish one another in power of the Spirit through the Word and the Sacraments (Col 3:16). Therefore, the purpose of the Christian education ministry is twofold: to proclaim the gospel so that the […]

In Evangel, John Ashcroft talks about 9/11, Christian education, culture

A smiling crowd and standing ovations greeted former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft at Evangel University on Monday evening as the 79-year-old former Missouri governor delivered a speech to a largely conservative Christian audience. He even closed the evening by signing two songs: his original composition “Let the Eagle Soar” followed by “God Bless America”. […]

Bethel Lutheran’s New Morton School Offers Hybrid Christian Education

MORTON – Meet the ninth grade class of the new Bethel Lutheran High School. There are five students: three boys and two girls. Two students are from Morton. There is one from Mackinaw, Peoria and Tremont. The quintet is participating in a pilot program that will assess the effectiveness of a hybrid educational model in […]

Professor at Freed-Hardeman University appointed Executive Director of French African Christian Education (FACE)

Dr Richard England It is a great honor to have been chosen as Executive Director of French African Christian Education. My wife and I, along with other members of our family, have been fortunate enough to make several short-term missionary trips to various countries. HENDERSON, Tennessee (PRWEB) April 30, 2021 French African Christian Education (FACE) […]

The governing body of the Christian school changed to Berakah Christian Education | Daily Liberal

news, local news, The governing body of Dubbo Christian School, Wellington Christian School and Dubbo Christian Preschool has changed from Dubbo Christian Parent Controlled School Association to Berakah Christian Education. Berakah Christian Education Board chairman Andrew Boog said it was not so much a name change as the creation of a new organization. “The name […]

First Baptist Church Builds New Christian Education Wing

ZANESVILLE – Hoping to help more worshipers during an uncertain time, First Baptist Church recently broke new ground for a new addition. Church leaders began discussions over a year ago to build a $ 200,000 internally funded wing on East Main Street Church, which is a former school building in Maysville. “We knew that coming […]

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Offers Classical Christian Education |

PRCA Varsity Football recorded a 7-1 record for fall 2020, losing to Yuma Catholic in the 3A State Semifinals. Courtesy of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy By Su Sheridan Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is a private DK-12 school serving Christian families across Tucson. Our mission is “to teach our students to become […]

New school adopts Christian education approach

By Style Reporter The new primary education institution Trinity Christian Junior School has decided to embrace Christian education with the aim of becoming a leading Christian school in the country and region over the next few years. Based in the Harare suburb of Zimre Park, the primary school which offers courses ranging from Early Childhood […]

Herzog Foundation is formed to advance Christian education | Characteristics

SMITHVILLE, Missouri – Missouri businessman Stanley Herzog gave a simple directive before his death in 2019: to advance Christian education. This is exactly what the Stanley M. Herzog Foundation does. According to a press release, the Herzog Foundation plans to support the advancement and acceleration of non-denominational Christian education through an endowment of several hundred […]

Herzog leaves the legacy of Christian education | Education

SMITHVILLE, Mo. – Prior to his death in August 2019, Stanley M. Herzog reportedly gave a simple directive for establishing his legacy: Support Christian education. The late Missouri business titan has left hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit religious education nationwide, with a focus on northwest Missouri, the new foundation formed in his honor […]

Research shows the benefits of classical Christian education

There is now research which demonstrates the superiority of classical Christian education by almost any standard – academic, social, spiritual, psychological – to alternatives. The Department of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame has been commissioned by the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) to research their effectiveness. Notre Dame researchers, incorporating data from […]

Christian education is lacking in the Nuba Mountains

Sudan (MNN) – More than three million children between the ages of five and 13 are out of school in Sudan, UN reports. It is one of the worst education rankings in the Middle East and North Africa. Multiple factors prevent children from attending class, including ongoing conflicts, lack of infrastructure and gender discrimination. Public […]

6 Ways a Christian Education Can Help You in the Workplace

Christian education can be transformational. As Christians, God is meant to be the center of our lives, which means we need to consider him in everything we do, including our education. Proverbs 16:16 reminds us that education is more valuable than material things. Some of the great benefits of Christian education are that it shapes […]

Sudanese official says abandoning Christian education was a ‘mistake’, but church leaders don’t believe it

By Anugrah KumarChristian Post Contributor | Saturday, September 12, 2020 Parish Church of Baraka in Hajj Yusuf, on the outskirts of Khartoum, Sudan, February 10, 2013. | Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah The top official of Sudan’s education regulator says he mistakenly omitted Christian education from a list he sent to all state schools in August, ordering […]

Parent Partners – Christian Education in North East India

COLORADO SPRINGS – When we research NGOs and Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) for posting on Missions Box News, we look for something that makes the organization unique. It was easy to find what makes Parent Partners great in and of themselves. The Parent Partner Ministry is distinguished by the fact that it focuses only on providing […]

Renee Kaufman appointed Minister of Christian Education at South Congregational Church

Reverend Renee Kaufman is the new Minister of Christian Education at South Congregational Church in Kennebunkport. Photo by Tammy Wells KENNEBUNKPORT – Have you ever watched the segment of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon titled Box of Lies? This is a part of the show where one has to determine if his opponent accurately […]

the impact of the pandemic on Christian education – WKRG News 5

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – Dr. Lonnie Burnett, President of the University of Mobile, joins us this morning. We wanted to talk about the impact of the pandemic on Christian education. Here’s a look at our conversation Anchor: What’s the biggest impact you’ve seen so far? Guest: The most significant initial impact was the immediate shift […]

LCA seeks to redefine the perception of Christian private education | Education

Ultimately, Lakeway Christian Academy is for the kids. But not just the children of the privileged few who can afford it. And it’s not for a handful of academic or athletic elites, either. Principal Stephen Denny says the goal is to keep Lakeway Christian schools accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to attend. The […]

“A teacher of teachers”: Beka Horton, famous figure of Christian education, dies at 90

Through Michel Gryboski, Christian Post reporter | Thursday 02 July 2020 Pensacola Christian College hosted a memorial service for Dr. Rebekah “Beka” Horton on Wednesday July 1, 2020. | Facebook / Christian College of Pensacola Dr. Rebekah Horton, co-founder of Florida-based Pensacola Christian College and a notable figure in home Christian education, died on June […]

Christian education conference continues with technology

An Oklahoma City native returned to his roots just in time to help a local church host an annual conference despite the COVID-19 outbreak. With his expertise in information technology, Reverend Marcus Carruthers has helped St. John Missionary Baptist Church transform its annual conference on Christian education from an in-person gathering at church, 5700 N […]

GCU helps crack the code of Christian education

GCU President Brian Mueller shared the business side of GCU’s growth with several leaders in K-12 Christian education. Story and photos by Ashlee LarrisonGCU News Desk How do we make K-12 Christian education accessible, affordable, and adaptable for families looking to maintain a strong element of faith in their child’s education? That’s what Grand […]

Attacking Christian Education | Opinion

Frequent contributor to the “Daylight Atheism” blog, James Haught, gave us a taste of the growing attacks on Christianity and Christian education in The Times and The Democrat. Haught has already clearly expressed his atheistic worldview and contempt for Christians of Daylight Atheism (Daylight “defends the atheist point of view and maintains that rejection of […]

Grace will host the signing of the book “Christian Education” by Dr Freddy Cardoza

Saturday, January 25, 2020 12:09 AM Dr Freddy Cardoza WINONA LAKE – Grace Theological Seminary will host a faculty signing for the seminary dean’s book, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, “Christian Education” from 3 pm to 4 pm Monday.The signing will take place in the lobby of the William Male Center, 999 College Ave., Winona Lake. There […]

The Christian way of life and the reasons for the importance of so-called Christian education

Through Anna MedinaEditorial contributor | Saturday, January 18, 2020 Students at Spalding High School in Griffin, Georgia pray on August 23, 2019. | Screenshot: AHA Does a Christian need education? Before answering, let’s look at the history of this question. For most of the 20th century, mankind lived under the banner of “scientific” atheism. People […]

Pastors and Christian Education | Christianity today

Christian education is big business in America. In the area of ​​local churches alone, it affects 40 million people in Sunday schools and Bible classes. No other agency in churches does more to teach the Word of God, build Christian character, and train church leaders and workers. Modern pastors have the opportunity and the responsibility […]

Concordia Center for Christian Education unveiled in Kirkwood | Webster Kirkwood Times

Students study in the new Concordia Center for Christian Education. photo courtesy of Christ Community Lutheran School Mayor Timothy Griffin welcomed a new school center to Kirkwood during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday, Sept. 6 at Christ Community Lutheran School (CCLS) located at 110 W. Woodbine Ave. The Concordia Center for Christian Education is a new, […]

Backus: Students Produce Christian Education Podcast

If you’ve ever had questions about Christian schools or wondered how they work, Pastor Blair Ecker and his students at Pine Mountain Christian Academy in Backus have the podcast for you. Since the start of the school year, a team of academy students has been running Christian School Radio, a podcast program that shares with […]

Backus: Students Produce Christian Education Podcast – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

If you’ve ever had questions about Christian schools or wondered how they work, Pastor Blair Ecker and his students at Pine Mountain Christian Academy in Backus have the podcast for you. Since the start of the school year, a team of academy students have been running Christian School Radio, a podcast program that shares with […]

Christian education in difficulty, according to the pastor | New

Mandeville, Manchester: The intelligent heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly – Proverbs 15:14 Many institutions around the world are owned and operated by churches, but according to the Cayman Islands Seventh-day Adventist Conference education director Dr. Ivor Harry, some people, even those in the church , are blind to […]

The Legacy of the Apostle Paul | Christian education | Diploma in Theology

Many Christians today believe that “theology” is a dirty word. It is associated with dry and distant academics and spiritual death. After all, all you need as a Christian is the Word of God, right? Well yes. But, like most things in life, it’s a little more complicated than that. What if I told you […]

Maintain Christian education in mission

David R. Shannon remembers the day E. Claude Gardner walked into the sawmill near Centerville, Tenn., Where Shannon worked and asked him to attend Freed-Hardeman College. “It changed my life,” Shannon recalls. David Shannon But he never dreamed that he would one day replace Gardner as president of Henderson’s School, Tenn., Now a 2,000-student university […]

Providence Academy brings the best of homeschool and classical Christian education to children in the area – Blue Ribbon News

(ROCKWALL, TX – August 6, 2018) A unique university model school providing children with high quality college preparatory education has recently made its home here in Rockwall County. Formerly located in Rowlett, Providence Academy will bring its exceptional teaching model of combining home schooling and traditional Christian education to local children to its new location […]

LAMP Ministry Provides Christian Education and Spiritual Support to Indigenous Communities

Breadcrumb Links Local arts Pastor Les Stahlke, also a bush pilot who transported trappers and miners to remote locations in the 1960s, came up with the idea of ​​bringing Christian education and spiritual support to northern communities. Author of the article: Darlene Polachic • Saskatoon StarPhoenix Members of the Lutheran Association of Missionary Pilots (LAMP) […]

Christian education: the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling your child in a Christian school

Through Shiena Bernardino, Christian Post Contributor | Thursday 07 June 2018 A group of students studying inside a classroom | Wikimedia Commons / Creative redefined Christian parents who are looking for the right school for their children do not necessarily choose a Christian school because of its cost. But before ruling out the idea of […]

Christian education: the pros and cons of enrolling your child in a Christian school

Through Shiena bernardino, Christian Post Contributor | Thursday 07 June 2018 A group of students studying inside a classroom | Wikimedia Commons / Creative redefined Christian parents who are looking for the right school for their children do not necessarily choose a Christian school because of its cost. But before ruling out the idea of […]

Trentham elected president of the Society of Professors in Christian Education – News

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor John David Trentham is the new president of the Society of Professors in Christian Education, a guild of evangelical scholars in applied theology, leadership and ministry of the church. The SPCE announced the election of Trentham in a press release on December 23. “It is truly an honor to be […]

Trentham elected president of the Society of Professors in Christian Education | Baptist-life

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – John David Trentham, faculty member at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been elected by his peers nationwide to serve as president of the Society of Professors in Christian Education. The organization is the premier scholarly guild for evangelical academics in the disciplines of education and discipleship. “As a leader, and in […]

Helen DeVos, philanthropist focused on health, Christian education and the arts, dies at 90

Helen DeVos watches an Orlando Magic game in March with her husband, Richard, the team owner. (Phelan M. Ebenhack / AP) Helen DeVos, a West Michigan philanthropist known for her support of children’s health, Christian education and the arts, died Oct. 18 in Ada Township, Michigan. She was 90 years old. The cause was complications […]

Classical Christian education looks to the past, thrives today

Students stand in their classroom at the Wichita Classical School, which opened in 2005. Courtesy photo Jenna Mullinix is ​​only 11 years old, but she can already translate common phrases from Latin. Sitting around the Red Lobster table, awaiting their meal several months ago, she and her younger siblings occupied the time reciting an Orthodox […]

Tulsa Christian Education Alliance responds to arrest of former director

Leaders of the Christian Education Alliance in Tulsa react to the arrest of former director Jeffrey Goss over complaints of child pornography. Meanwhile, Goss is expected to be released from Tulsa County Jail on Friday. A federal judge says Jeffrey Goss can get out of jail but must wear an ankle monitor so authorities can […]

Christian Education and Its Relevance in Today’s World | New

Mandeville, Manchester: In the past, many children had to attend Christian schools at the primary level, especially since many institutions were aligned with denominations. But over the years this practice has changed and several other factors come into play when parents choose which schools they want their children to attend. However, the president of the […]

Christian Education Is An Integral Part of the Ministry of the Nazarene | Religion

With beginnings as a prayer calling meeting in the home of founder Reverend George Russell, the Nazarene Baptist Church, throughout its history, has been sustained by God through a force of dedicated membership. “I am delighted and congratulate the ministers, officers and members of the Nazarene Baptist Church as we celebrate, exalt, magnify and honor […]

Louisiana Baptist Convention and Baptist Christian Education Convention scheduled for Baton Rouge | Faith

The 143rd Annual Session of the Louisiana Baptist State Convention and the 32nd Annual Session of the Louisiana Baptist Congress of Christian Education will be held July 17-22 in Baton Rouge. The theme of the event is “Exceptionally Looking to the Future as We Discipline for Christ”. The conference will include approximately 20 adult Christian […]

Reverend Marshall H. Garrett, 73, Minister of Christian Education at Moore Street Baptist Missionary Church | Richmond Free Press

The Rev. Marshall Henderson Garrett, Minister of Christian Education at Moore Street Missionary Baptist Church, was widely known for his loving and caring spirit. “He was always ready to give advice, a kind word and an easy smile filled with class and style,” according to his family. Reverend Garrett, 73, died on Saturday June 18, […]

Help Fund Christian Education | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Help Fund Christian Education | Honolulu Star-Advertiser Features | On stage By John Berger [email protected] April 26, 2016 Mahalo for his support of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! Peter Fong, left, spoke with Cha Thompson and Reverend Bulla Eastman, afternoon DJ at 95.5 FM The Fish, as the evening wrapped up at the […]

Christian education group strives to be ‘relevant’ to prospective Sunday School teachers

But conference leaders said the event could be at a crossroads: For years, more than 1,000 people have attended the annual event. But this year, only about 900 people attended the conference. The Reverend James R. Love Sr., president of the CWCEA, spoke with the Post’s Hamil Harris about how he tries to keep the […]

“How a Christian education made me lose my faith”

Accelerated Christian Education, or ACE, is infamous for its controversial independent learning style and for teaching consistent with fundamental Christianity – the program made headlines in 2012 when it was discovered that certain resources were using the existence of the Loch Ness monster to refute Darwin’s theory. devolution. It is not known exactly how many […]

Manchester Accelerated Christian Education Schools: Christian Schools Advocate for Use of American Textbooks with Uncompromising Views on Abortion, Evolution, and Homosexuality

Christian schools hard to Manchester defended teaching children American textbooks that state abortion is bad, evolution is a lie, and homosexuals choose to be homosexuals. Three private schools of Ancoats, Moston and Ardwick use the Tennessee-based Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program. Manuals provided by the organization and viewed by MEN also state that “God wants […]

The Four Questions of Christian Education – Acton Institute PowerBlog

One of the advantages of living in a free society is that parents have several options for educating their children, including enrolling them in religious education. Christian education is unique in that teachers can integrate faith and learning into the classroom to free academic disciplines from mere materialistic or rational concerns to direct interdependence and […]

Five Temptations for Classical Christian Education | Brian douglas

HAfter teaching in a classical Christian school for five years and following the classical Christian education movement for a few years before, I have come to believe that this is the best approach to K-12 education available today. . Because of its understanding of education as a remodeling of a child’s soul (unlike models of […]

The benefits of Christian education come at a price – and it’s not just financial

Courtesy of Calvin CollegeStudents walk the Commons Lawn at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. It is difficult for some people to understand why parents would pay dearly to send their children to Christian schools when public schools offer the same education for free. The thing is, it’s not the same. Yes, your kids will learn […]

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