Planning Commission Discusses Park Street Christian Church Housing Project and Responds to Community Concerns | Local News

The PHA is calling on the city to rezone the property and will lead efforts to fund the business and receive housing subsidies for low-income people. Rental prices have not yet been determined, but all apartments will be considered affordable. comply with LITHTC guidelines, which vary.

Wardell said the main concerns for the community are increased traffic, the adequacy of parking provided and the preservation of existing trees, sidewalks and trails on the site. The project team made some changes to the original plan after hearing these concerns in order to avoid critical slopes and limit the number of trees that would have to be felled.

Community members have raised concerns about the parking lot overflow in the nearby community of Locust Grove. The project must meet specific parking requirements under zoning laws. PHA Director Sunshine Mathon said the team had assessed other senior properties the organization operates in and around Charlottesville, such as Carlton Views II and Timberlake Place Apartments, to determine an appropriate number of parking spaces.

PHA’s informal assessment of parking needs is approximately three-quarters of a parking space per apartment.

“However, because we are in an area where there is street parking but not a ton, we also have to allow visitors, jobs and other types of parking, and we don’t have a lot of capacity to park. overflow. without significantly impacting the neighborhoods, “said Mathon.” We thought it was the right balance between keeping the parking lot as low as possible, but also not overloading the neighborhood with peak traffic. potential for visitors, jobs and other uses. ”

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