Chicago school offers free tuition for those who want a Christian education for their children

CHICAGO (SCS) — Only on 2.

We all know that a private education is an expense many families can’t afford, but now an incredible offer from a South Side school: free tuition.

CBS 2’s Shardaa gray explains how it’s possible.

“We don’t want you to decide between groceries or rent and a quality Christian education.”

That’s the message Pastor John Boston the Second wants South Side parents to know.

“When you decide to sign up and take that leap, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have access not just to reading, writing and arithmetic, but to a values-based education that has provided service to this community for 109 years.”

On August 22, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Shiloh voted unanimously to make schooling free for families who want to give their children access to a Christian education.

“We hear daily in the news, shootings, deaths and now our children are being killed at a very young age. Something has to be done,” said Kathryn Kyle, principal of the SDA Christian School of Chicago.

The SDA Christian School of Chicago currently has 31 students enrolled and a capacity of 50. In order to get free tuition, principal Kathryn Kyle says all you need to do is show proof of income. The school has served Chicago for more than 100 years.

“It produced doctors, nurses, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists,” Kyle said.

Pastor Boston says registration usually costs $350. It costs $4,000 for a child to attend school for a year. Boston said it can offer free classes because several people have donated money over the years.

“We’ve had commitments closer to $185,000 since we started and that will give us enough to do it again next year and if we keep it going we can keep it going,” Boston said.

There is no deadline to apply for the free courses. They plan to offer it throughout the school year.

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