Author: Thomas L. Dunn

Black Americans are 84% more likely to be denied a mortgage than their white counterparts

When it comes to earning money to buy a home, it’s no secret that the path has been terrible for black Americans. Unfortunately, this news isn’t getting any better for African Americans thanks to COVID-19, according to Zillow. The online real estate company just found that the mortgage rejection rate was 84% ​​higher for black […]

Four million payday and home loan customers from Provident, Greenwood and Satsuma must request repayments NOW

MORE than four million payday and home loan customers are being asked to request any repayments that may be owed to them. If you were mis-sold a loan by Provident, Greenwood, or Satsuma, you might be in line for compensation, even if you’ve already paid it back. 1 Provident, Greenwood and Satsuma customers receive small […]

Connecting Generations of Christ’s Followers: Bridges Christian Church Begun 100 Years Ago | News

RUSSELL The English proverb “Tiny acorns grow mighty oaks” illustrates the development of Bridges Christian Church, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Although no one can remember when the church started, Executive Pastor Kevin Fraley said he pieced together some history by examining church records and directories. At first The first congregation began to […]

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