Month: November 2021

First Christian Church Paves the Way for New Addition | Religion

Troy, Missouri – First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at 1302 Boone Street in Troy, on November 21, celebrated a historic groundbreaking ceremony for its new $ 1 million expansion. It has been almost 30 years since the church’s last inauguration, when they inaugurated the current community hall, offices and main entrance. The grand opening […]

Ultra-conservative Christian church figures behind popular books, cartoons and nature documentaries | Christianity

The son of pastor Douglas Wilson of the controversial Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and a close associate have made significant inroads into mainstream culture in America with a successful streaming cartoon. The Guardian has previously reported how the church, which aims to create a theocracy in the United States, has increased its power and […]

Blaine Christian Church apple pie fundraiser raises nearly $7,000

Compiled by Colin Merry, Personal editor November 24, 2021 BLAINE TWP. — On Nov. 5, nearly 50 people gathered to bake 720 fresh, homemade apple pies at Blaine Christian Church‘s annual Heavenly Apple Pie Day. The Missions Department and the Christian Women’s Fellowship of Blaine Christian Church appreciate all the volunteers who helped make these […]

Bayside Christian Church Boosts Holiday Hope in Roseville Area

From skating rinks to silhouettes and light, Bayside boosts vacation hope in Roseville Update: November 19, 2021 at 12:27 p.m. PST Hide transcription Show transcript LACE YOUR SKATES AND PREPARE TO SEE AN AMAZING LIGHT DISPLAY TO FIT INTO THE ETH HOLIDAY SPIRIT. LETIA: WE HAVE SEEN THE INSTALLATION LAST WEEK WHILE DRIVING WITH MY […]

Roseville Christian Church celebrates 150th anniversary

ROSEVILLE – During a period of declining attendance and church closings across the country, the Roseville Christian Church is still alive and ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Bill Gossett, a member of the church for over 70 years, said the church is still alive today “because of the faith, the family and their future […]

A Jamaican pastor from central Florida appears in a new Christian film to be released in the United States

Jamaican pastor Rosemarie Roth appears in the Christian film “The Youngest Evangelist”. The film is based on a true story of John King, a 10-year-old African-American boy who preaches to his elementary school classmates in 1980 about salvation and the love of Jesus. The film follows John as he endures many challenges at home, school, […]

Jamaican pastor from central Florida appears in new Christian film to be released in US

Jamaican pastor Rosemarie Roth appears in the Christian film “The Youngest Evangelist”. The film is based on a true story about John King, a 10 year old African American boy who preaches to his classmates in elementary school in 1980 about the salvation and love of Jesus. The film follows John as he faces many […]

Community Christian Church-Downers Grove makes justice for all possible

Community Christian Church in Downers Grove is establishing a Gospel Justice Center to provide affordable legal advice and counseling to neighbors in need. It is supported by Administer Justice, a national legal aid ministry, created to equip local communities to provide the help of a lawyer and the hope of God’s love. Anyone needing legal […]

Impact 360 Institute speaker talks about Christian education at West Point Lions Club – Valley Times-News

It’s no secret that the younger generations, namely Millennials and Gen Z, are less religious than their elders. Some see this as a problem. At their Wednesday meeting at West Point Presbyterian Church, the West Point Lions Club hosted speaker Eric Turner, a representative of the Christian organization Impact 360 Institute, who explained how his […]

Northside Christian Church Offers New Albany Little League Parking Lot | New

FLOYD COUNTY – Northside Christian Church proposed to Floyd County Commissioners at Tuesday’s meeting that she could help reduce the parking overflow from New Albany Little League games at Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park by donating a land for parking. Although there have been discussions on the proposal, no action has been taken to indicate whether […]

Symposium Explores Intersection of Residential Schools and Theological / Christian Education – ELCA Grand Canyon Synod

Theme “On Our Path to Truth and Healing” for the Theological Symposium Vine Deloria Jr. 2021 It was US federal policy for nearly 100 years to enforce family separation by stealing Indigenous children and taking them to off-reserve Indian residential schools in an effort to eliminate identity through forced assimilation. Most of these schools were […]

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