Month: March 2018

“I Can Only Imagine,” Christian Film About Song MercyMe, Amazes Hollywood

In an era when superheroes and anti-heroes dominate the box office, a short film depicting a Christian songwriter’s relationship with his abusive father surprised Hollywood with its third biggest ticket sale. And it’s all about a song. “I Can Only Imagine” grossed $ 17 million over the weekend, attracting an often underserved audience that has […]

‘Idahosa’, a new Christian film in honor of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa

“Dad,” as he was affectionately called by church members and admirers, was the founder of Church of God Mission International; a Christian ministry headquartered in Benin City but which has impacted lives around the world. 19 years after Idahosa’s death, Edo-born filmmaker Stanlee Ohikhuare has started shooting his new film “Idahosa’s Trails”; a story about […]

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