Month: February 2017

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron advocates for Christian education at Lubbock Christian School fundraiser

Television and film actor and producer Kirk Cameron focused on faith as he spoke at a fundraiser for Lubbock Christian School Thursday night at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. Standing on stage in front of several hundred people at the sold-out event, Cameron spoke about his life journey and said he felt honored to speak […]

Does Scorsese’s “silence” promote the gospel or blasphemy?

*Warning: the following contains spoilers for the movie “Silence”* Martian scorsese Silence is a difficult film, not only artistically, but also theologically. Everything in the film seems designed to test its viewer; the epic length of 2 hours and 41 minutes, the brutal depictions of Christian persecution, the unanswered questions regarding faith, doubt and apostasy. […]

Christian Education and Its Relevance in Today’s World | New

Mandeville, Manchester: In the past, many children had to attend Christian schools at the primary level, especially since many institutions were aligned with denominations. But over the years this practice has changed and several other factors come into play when parents choose which schools they want their children to attend. However, the president of the […]

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