There you can take a heavy loan. Jump to negative interest rates: is that serious? – It is already made a serious offer, but no entry into an interest-free age. Are you looking for a serious loan? It is therefore understandable that well-known credit institutions endeavor to minimize their default risk.

Fixed interest up to 9% pa – is that real, can it be serious?

Fixed interest up to 9% pa - is that real, can it be serious?

Fixed interest up to 9% pa – is that real, can it be serious? Credit institutions and savings banks are nothing more than pure money traders in the classic banking business: they accept funds from savings in order to lend them as loans to borrowers. This results in loan interest to the house bank, which deducts a small portion as interest to the investors.

Because lending rates have been fairly long for some time now (and experts believe they are likely to continue), interest rates for savers are also deep to very deep. We involve investors in this result through a high level of interest rates! There are also deposit guarantee funds of the individual banks and savings banks associations.

The investor of course pays this security at slightly lower interest rates. So then our tip for wise investors – Spread! A part with 100% interest rate security at Best Bank, a part with high interest rates and high returns on property, plant and equipment.

Interest settlement

Interest settlement 

Interest rates are left “in the dark”. Also, they have no added value a few days later. Bank technical advisory services. No bank client can see through this popular banking game from all sides: due to the complexity of the matter, it is unlikely to carry out an interest rate check itself). to reach an “undisturbed course”. to ensure that the interest rate announced by the institution, eg 10.0% interest rate, makes semi-state institutions known, “right” and not abused.

Which orientation did you not pretend to go? To operate or waive a banking company or a savings bank. It is entitled to interpret the possible Triple Jump in the banking business: “not contradictory, netted, claim rejected”. They are estimated to be presented by concrete calculation and justification. Punches. some clarity. owed interest. Reprocessed and processed. Equity that your house bank has appropriated through wrong accounting.

The calculation of the overdraft interest was extinguished. The reason for this is that several participants participated … because they are not allowed to perform.

Bankers can not read like printed paper, but their printed numbers. Bankers are excellent planning strategists who commit themselves: The customer plans and counts. Gambling loses the assets entrusted to it, destroys the assets of its investors, safely sells highly toxic documents as a safe investment, the ticks go well, knitwear back.

The Wirtschaftswoche 45/2008 has shown that bankers plan well: A savings bank leader sitting in the Bamberger prison would have attracted attention, with countless possible applications. “The” statute of limitations for unjustified enrichment “, even with incorrectly managed accounts, does not expire!