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Real estate consultancy

Real estate consultancy

In all matters relating to assets, we see ourselves as your competent mediator. Based on your needs, we will work out a personal company for you. Let us convince you of our range of services. The credit comparisons are based on the amount of the loan you have used and the desired duration. There is also a gap in income protection.

If you are unemployed or sick for a long time, you have 30% -40% less income available. You can use the income protection letter to close this exact vulnerability, so that in the “case of cases” your entire income is available for up to one year. We develop your personal investment strategy for you. Take advantage of our know-how in all matters relating to assets.

Consumer Credit – Definition

Consumer Credit - Definition

Title: Loans to households for the consumption financing of goods. Consumer loans are granted either as installment loans via credit accounts or current account over current accounts (credit agreement). Types: Consumer loans are today referred to as personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, universal loans, etc. They are offered in different forms. The loan amount is usually limited to $ 25,000; higher amounts require special security, eg a basic fee.

As a rule, the maximum duration is 72 years. In addition to consumer credit, credit life insurance (residual debt insurance) can also protect the death or disability of the borrower. Credit security: The following can be used as collateral: Transfer of garnishment share of wage and salary claims (normal case), assumption of warranty, with spouses, in principle, the co-obligation of the other partner (eg by joining the debt).

Overdrafts are bridging loans and usually unsecured (blank loans); However, the credit limit is in some connection with the sum of the regular deposits on the (current account), in particular with the sum of mont. Wages or salaries on the () current account. In order to assess creditworthiness, credit institutions require the borrower to provide proof of income, as consumer credit liabilities should be balanced with income and current costs and repayment ratios should be allowed.

For consumer loans, the general rule of the price indication regulation applies to loan offers, adverts and price presentations.