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Cheap Payday Loan Without Private Credit

A cheap payday loan without private credit is not granted by most house banks and savings banks. They generally reject lending categorically even when they learn of a negative entry about the customer at the private credit because they have great doubts about his creditworthiness. But there are other ways in which a cheap payday loan without private credit can be successfully applied for. In this situation loans with a guarantor and a private loan in particular are possible.

A payday loan with guarantors

If credit institutions consider the creditworthiness of a client to be inadequate to give him credit because of a negative entry in private credit, one can still get a loan if a guarantor guarantees all the resulting obligations. He assures the bank to pay in full for the outstanding balance, including all interest, if the actual borrower fails. Such a guarantee must always be assumed for the entire term of the loan. As a rule, close relatives, such as parents and siblings, come into question as guarantors.

However, before the bank agrees that a cheap loan without a guarantor will be issued with a guarantor, it will have to check exactly the credit worthiness of the guarantor. Because only if their credit rating is assessed as good, credit institutions accept a guarantee. However, nobody should frivolously ask relatives for a guarantee, but only if they have the actual intention and ability to repay the loan themselves without any problem.

A payday loan from the internet

In addition, individuals who do not receive a traditional consumer loan because of a negative private credit entry may seek a loan from a private individual on specialized financial portals on the Internet. Here, a cheap loan can be arranged without private credit. Because on such portals, every consumer can stop his personal loan application. However, those affected should definitely mention the negative entry to the private credit and explain why they are nevertheless reliable debtors and will repay the required loan in full and on time.

In addition, it is also advisable to specify the loan application exactly what the borrowed money should be used for. Especially if these are purposes that are very important for the future of the borrower, such as financing an apprenticeship or a car for commuting, lenders are easier to find. Private lenders who are interested in such a loan, contact the person concerned via the portal, and then conclude a loan agreement that offers favorable conditions for them.

Payday Loan – Everything you need to know before applying


Creditic is a perfect solution if a situation in our life needs money immediately and without many problems. This website, we can not only find the option of getting a “typical” personal loan that we could get on other websites.

In Creditic we can also get a line of credit to suit us and also help us finance the credits we have with other companies to pay them and only have to return the money to Creditic.

Sometimes we need to find a place where they not only see us as a simple cashier in which to deposit an amount of money that they will later recover. This is what happens in Creditic, they see beyond where other websites see, and even where financial institutions are accustomed and used to being seen.

Quick solutions for problems that arise out of nowhere or desires that we want to make without waiting a minute more, Creditic is our most realistic option and will bet more for us and us so that we achieve our goals without having to give up other things or reach end of the month with the money counted.

That’s what we want to talk to you today: about the two Creditic products and how to access each of them, and that you consider this company over others.

It is ideal for people who do not want to know anything about banks, savings banks and others, but you need financing, it is an article that you should read. In the same way, if you have difficulties for these institutions to grant you their products, you should read this article.

What is Creditic and why choose it

Talking about Creditic is not talking about one more company in the ‘online’ personal financing landscape, even though it is a young company, like the majority dedicated to short-term financing.

The objective of the company is to help the economy of society through financial products known as ‘fast loans’, flexible, easy to apply, and, above all, wide-ranging.

They are part of International Personal Finance PLC, which has a presence in more than fourteen countries and three million customers; synonymous with success, confidence and solvency.

They want their products to be characterized by speed, transparency and flexibility, something that they undoubtedly fulfill, but in order to convince yourself, you should continue reading this article.

Advantages of choosing Creditic

Creditic offers us a variety of products that we can choose based on our economic need and how quickly we need it, but within each product such as quick loans, line of credit or refinancing other loans, there are advantages that Creditic is among the companies most valued by users of this type of website.

The advantages we can find if our decision is a quick loan are:

  • Request a quick loan online in a simple and fast way so that we can face a momentary need.
  • We can get up to a total of 3,000 euros almost instantly.
  • We will have the option to choose the return period of the amount that best suits our standard of living and our needs.
  • In this type of quick loans, the monthly installments will always be fixed for the duration of the period we have chosen to repay our loan, so we can organize ourselves well the rest of the month.
  • Creditic will remind us each month of the fee we have to pay back, how much we have returned and how much we still need to return, movements that we can consult through our Personal Area on their website 
  • We can save interest if we repay our loan early.
  • We will have between 61 days and 36 months to repay our loan; Creditic offers us a range of interest rates ranging from 79.38% to 790.72%, the latter destination to cases of higher risk and applied very rarely.

If our case is more similar to the need to have a line of credit, Creditic also has advantages for us and us:

  • This line of credit is like a virtual account from which we can withdraw money on an ongoing basis whenever we need it and we will only pay for that money that we take out; We will not pay anything for opening it or for having it.
  • The maximum limit that Creditic gives us is 3,000 euros, but if for example we only use 300 euros, we will only pay interest for those 300 euros until we return them.
  • We can return them when we want and we will not be charged additional interest, only the established ones.
  • In the Personal Area of ​​the web we will be able to know how much we have retired, how much credit we have left and how much we have to pay back.
  • They give us a term to return it between 61 days and 36 months with an interest of between 79.38% and 790.72% (the latter for cases of higher risk). If we return it before 61 days, we will not have to pay interest of any kind.

In the case of the refinancing of loans that we have with other companies, Creditic offers us some advantages:

  • A maximum of 3,000 euros to cancel other loans and live with a greater tranquility that we can enjoy with a smaller fee and a more flexible return.
  • Up to 36 months to return our loan to Creditic, being able to decide how much we pay each month and for how long.
  • Once our request is accepted, in 15 minutes we will be able to have our money available to cover our other loans.

It is safe to apply for a loan at Creditic

We are always concerned when putting our data on the Internet, what can happen to them. At Creditic, our personal data (those we use to fill out our online application to access any of their products) are under Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data.

Creditic gives us the option to send a report to its headquarters requesting information about all the steps that have been taken with our personal data within the company if we wish.

If our concern is that they never give us the money promised or that interest increases without us noticing, with Creditic this will not happen to us.

This website gives us enough guarantees to be able to solve our financial problems without having to worry about dark problems or surprises in our bank account, since we face a fixed monthly fee that we can mark ourselves for a certain time.

What Creditic offers

Creditic offers two very different products, but equally attractive.

The first is a loan, the one of a lifetime, which is not more than a quantity of money for a specific purpose, being able to complete a change of car, get acquainted with debts, change the kitchen, anything, and return in a period of time agreed in advance.

The second is a line of credit, which is an amount of money available to the client during a period of time, and he will dispose of the money whenever he wishes, and in the amounts he desires. It’s like a credit card.

We will talk to you thoroughly about each of the products.

About the personal loan of Creditic

The Creditic loan is practically identical to that of any bank, without being precisely the same product, neither in the form, nor in the requirements, nor even in the application process.

The Creditic loan can be from € 100 up to € 3,000, and with a maximum period of 24 months to return it, in monthly installments.

It’s much better than any mini-credit you can consider right now.

Personal loan requirements of Creditic

The requirements to apply for your loan are minimal and are what any bank asks you to create an account:

  1. Be between 21 and 65 years old
  2. Have legal Spanish residence and current identity document
  3. Have an email and a mobile phone that receives SMS
  4. Have income to be able to face the correct and punctual payment of the loan
  5. Have a bank account

In addition to that, they can request documents that accredit the data that contributions, but nothing out of the ordinary or that you can not have practically at hand.

Some of them would be your ID or NIE on both sides, a certificate of your bank account, some receipt of your salary or pension, or any income, and little else, do not worry. Of course, if you send them, they are in pdf and scanned, they are visible and send them fast, so that your request will not be delayed.

Interest on the personal loan Creditic

Well, you should also know that, although the product itself is attractive and beneficial in all aspects, mainly in the amount and term offered, something unlike in the market, has a price, which is, yes, very competitive.

Here we break down everything you will have to pay with your loan, always assuming you request the € 3,000 to 24 months:

  1. 4.63% monthly
  2. APR of 72.19% per annum (convertible monthly)

Creditic does not charge opening fees, or risk studies, everything is free, and you only have to pay these two interests, which any company will charge you, although at higher levels.

How to request your personal loan in Creditic


The application for your loan is very simple, you can do it in less than five minutes, and from any device with an internet connection. Of course, you must have access to your email and have your mobile phone at hand.

Here is the simple process for applying for your personal loan:

  1. On the home page, click on “Apply”, it will take you immediately to another page with a small form.
  2. Write your ID or NIE and your mobile phone.
  3. Once the data is written, click on “Ask for your code”, and you will receive, after a few minutes, a code via SMS on your mobile.
  4. Write that code on the right side of where you wrote your mobile phone.
  5. Click on ‘next’.
  6. Choose your limits
  7. Sign the contract

Creditic will communicate with you with the answer, being able to propose something alternative if the company considers that the amounts are difficult to assume according to your profile.

If the answer is affirmative, the money will be deposited, and depending on your bank, you will be able to see it within a maximum period of 48 working hours later.

Payments of your loan Creditic

When you sign the contract, you receive all the details of your loan by email, including the payment date of each installment, which remains fixed throughout the entire loan. Anyway, Creditic has a system that will send you a reminder five days of your payment date, so you do not forget the date, since it is not the classic first day of each month, but any day of it.

Payment can be made by direct debit, payment by credit card from your Creditic account, or by bank transfer. The means are many.

About the credit line of Creditic

This is the innovative product of Creditic, and very few companies in Spain offer: an amount of money available for any reason, time or amount, within the limit that Creditic has approved.

The line of credit can be up to € 3,000 (like the loan), but you have 36 months to settle the debt.

Solamnente you will pay for the amount used and not for the credit obtained. For example, you are awarded € 3,000, but you use only € 1,000: you will pay the interest of those € 1,000, choosing the term, up to a maximum of 36 months to settle it.

Once liquidated, the approved amount is re-established so that you have the money again.

The requirements to access the credit line are practically the same as for a loan, and we will not repeat them.

Commissions and interest on the line of credit

Unlike the loan, which only pays interest for him, here are more commissions that you should know, since it is a very different product from the loan, even if it is the same amount of money you have.

These are the prices:

  • Opening of credit, it’s totally free
  • The first withdrawal from your line of credit is free
  • The second, and successive, withdrawal of credit, has a cost of 3.99% of the total withdrawn
  • Monthly interest from 4.99%
  • Annual TAE reference of 79%
  • The minimum payment amount each month is € 10

Request your credit line with Creditic

The request for your line of credit is identical to the personal loan that we have mentioned above, the only difference is the product you request, but the mobile validation process, times and signature of the contract is identical.

Other services and commissions of Creditic

Both the loan and the line of credit have the character of urgent, or at least, that’s why the Creditic platform has created a rapid response system, which is what, along with the cost, characterizes companies like this one.

Therefore Creditic has created some services, although small, but very helpful to those who have either of the two products. These are, along with their costs:

  • If a month you can not afford the monthly payment, Creditic allows you to have a break, and the cost is symbolic, € 20, which you must pay in advance. It’s great when you collect payments such as rent, cadastre or holiday
  • If the payment date does not suit you, either because of a change in employment, or simply because it is far away, Creditic will change that date as many times as you wish, for € 5 each time you request it.
  • If you want to extend your credit, the cost is zero, it’s free


As you can see, the two Creditic products are very attractive, comfortable and flexible.

Remember that Creditic gives you the possibility of getting a personal credit of up to 3,000 euros that you can use whenever you want and above all, for whatever you want. In addition, you benefit from paying only for the amount of money you have used. That is, if you get 200 euros, you will only pay interest for those 200 euros that you have taken out.

Another benefit is the completion periods. These terms have a minimum of 61 days and a period of up to 36 months to pay them. Remember also that Creditic is a 100% virtual account, so you must withdraw the money to your account with the line of credit that you have been granted.

Also, once you put the money back into your virtual account, it can be reused as often as you need it, without having to ask for one loan after another.

In the beginning, your line of credit may be too small, but with the passage of months and the correct payments, this account can reach 3000 euros and if you do not want to be charged additional interest, you just have to return everything Hit money before the end of the month.

For your convenience, the company ensures that each month you have all the details you need, in order to make payments on time. They will also notify you of all the movements of the line of credit you need.

Small loan with immediate payment – The providers in comparison

Small loan with immediate payment

Small loan with immediate payment

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life enjoyable. Unfortunately, these are not always free. If you do not have enough small change to fulfill your heart’s desire, you must apply for a micro-loan with an immediate payment. But it does not offer everyone such a small loan, because usually moves the sum between 100 and 3000 euros. Because the effort is too big for some banks, they often reject a small loan. But there is still a remedy because there are five providers of such small loans on the Internet.

What is a small loan with immediate payment?

What is a small loan with immediate payment?

With such a small loan, the payout will not be long in coming. Immediately after a positive credit decision, the money is transferred to the customer. Thus, it is actually possible to get the loan amount within 24 hours. But you should not confuse this loan with an instant loan. In this case, only the loan commitment within a short time. A payment of the loan amount takes up to five days.

A small loan is also characterized by the low loan amount. It is even possible to get only an amount of 100 euros as a small loan. However, the selection of providers is not large, because for most banks, the effort is too large. Only five providers are capable of doing so. One should also keep in mind that the term is significantly limited in a small loan. For example, in the case of a small loan with immediate payment of 600 euros, this amount plus interest and any additional benefits must be repaid within two months.

How does a small loan with immediate payment work?

How does a small loan with immediate payment work?

The new Videoidentverfahren makes a small loan with immediate payment possible. The annoying postident procedure is thereby rendered superfluous. The customer only needs to verify the videoident procedure on the home PC with the corresponding documents. In addition, the SEPA credit transfers have considerably reduced the time for a transfer. However, not every bank offers the new videoident method.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

First, the technical requirements must be met. The following devices are required:

  • Stable internet connection
  • A PC with webcam or a smartphone with front camera must be present
  • It is needed a corresponding software for video telephony.

In addition, appropriate documents are required. These include the front and back of the identity card. In addition, the bank wants to see a recent bank statement and the last three income notices. The credit agreement must be completed and signed.

If all conditions are met, then there is nothing in the way of an immediate payment of the small loan. So that everything runs smoothly, one should consider the business hours. At the weekend, most banks do not work and it comes in the following week to pay off the loan amount.

What are the costs for a small loan with immediate payment?

What are the costs for a small loan with immediate payment?

As with any other loan, this small loan also attracts interest. The amount depends on the respective provider. In addition, there are the costs for any additional services and lightning transfers.

What do I have to keep in mind so that the loan is paid out within 24 hours

What do I have to keep in mind so that the loan is paid out within 24 hours

In order for a loan to be paid out within 24 hours, a few things need to be considered. The technical requirements for a videoident procedure must be present. To legitimize you should keep an ID card or passport handy. Most banks have fixed opening hours. If the loan application is submitted to the lending institution before 11.00 am, the payment will be made on the same day with good luck. However, if there is a weekend in between, the next payout can not be made until the following Monday. In addition, the company has to offer express or lightning transfers. Otherwise, the transfer takes about three to four days.

Who offers a small loan with immediate payment?

Who offers a small loan with immediate payment?

The following providers offer a small loan with immediate payment to:

  • Vexcash
  • Xpress credit
  • Cashper
  • Kredit2go
  • Targobank Direct money offer.

For all providers, a German checking account is a prerequisite for the loan approval. A withdrawal is possible in 24 hours, except for Vexcash. Vexcash offers withdrawals even within 30 minutes.

Small loan without private credit with immediate payment

Small loan without private credit with immediate payment

A small loan immediate payment despite private credit is only possible with Cashper and Vexcash. Basically, the private credit is always queried before lending. With negative entries the chances of success are low. Only Cashper and Vexcash have their own rating criteria. Who knows that there are negative private credit entries, should contact these two portals directly.

How do the credit sums stagger?

How do the credit sums stagger?

A small loan with immediate payment is available in different amounts. 100 Euro, 200 Euro, 300 Euro, 400 Euro or 500 Euro are offered by most providers. If you need more money, you can take advantage of the loan offerings of Kredit2go from Smava and Fidor Bank. Here, loan amounts between 1,000 and 5,000 euros are possible.

Is a small loan with immediate payment also possible with negative private credit?

Is a small loan with immediate payment also possible with negative private credit?

No bank assigns a loan with a negative private credit, but with Vexcash and Cashper it depends on the type of negative entry. If there is an affidavit, if there are wage garnishments or if the borrower is in private bankruptcy, there is nowhere a loan.

Is the completion of a residual debt insurance necessary?

Is the completion of a residual debt insurance necessary?

For a small loan with immediate payment no residual debt insurance must be completed. That would unnecessarily increase the amount for a small loan amount. Since a small loan is most of a manageable amount, there should be no difficulties with the repayment.

How often can I request a small loan with immediate payment?

How often can I request a small loan with immediate payment?

Once the first microcredit has been paid in full and on time, there is nothing to prevent another loan. The conditions for lending have remained the same. As before, the customer must submit his income statements and the last account statement. Even with a second loan application, the banks again check the credit rating. This could have changed in the meantime. If there are still no negative entries, a loan approval is likely.

Can a small loan with immediate payment be applied for despite a current loan?

Can a small loan with immediate payment be applied for despite a current loan?

Consumers who are already paying off a loan can still experience financial difficulties. Often enough, the billing of the energy supplier, which can ruin even the best financial planning. With a small loan this financial bottleneck can be bridged, if the credit rating is still good. How high the loan amount may be depends on the income of the loan seeker.

Small loans are not earmarked. The borrowed amount can be used both for shopping, for the balancing or debt rescheduling. The customer should be aware, however, that both loans will be repaid on time. If there is even the slightest doubt, then you should refrain from a second loan and prefer to come up with another solution.

Small loan or prefer to use the Dispo?

Small loan or prefer to use the Dispo?

A small loan without private credit with immediate payment does not exist. The difference to conventional loans is that a small loan immediate payment despite private credit is possible if the entry in the private credit is not too serious. The alternative to a small loan with immediate payment is the Dispo on the checking account. If it exists, it can be used without bureaucracy. The bank does not have to be asked for permission beforehand. Use may be required if in the meantime negative badge entries have been added. When using the Dispos the private credit is no longer checked. If a small loan with immediate payment is denied due to the creditworthiness, then still the Dispo.

Small loan with immediate payment for self-employed and freelancers?

Small loan with immediate payment for self-employed and freelancers?

Self-employed and freelancers can also request a small loan with immediate payment. For a commitment they have to submit more documents. Only the bank statements are not enough. Balance sheets, profit and loss statements, income tax assessments must be submitted. Thereafter, a decision is made on a case-by-case basis. A rejection is not necessarily pre-programmed, as long as the sales figures allow a loan.


A small loan is requested quickly. For many households, it offers the last opportunity to close a financial gap, if the traditional banks have already rejected. Such a microcredit becomes expensive only if special services such as lightning transfers are desired. Otherwise, the costs are limited, which is also due to the low loan amount. The interest and costs are not so important for small amounts.